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If you are planning to get PGD in thailand, then go ahead, as it is a informed decision for your newborn. Fertility centre’s in Thailand offers healthy baby. It’s all because of their best medical care, advance technology, etc. PGD in Thailand is completely safe for your future newborn. most of the couples considered Thailand for the PGD as thailand offers affordable prices. So let’s embark on this article guage the PGD cost in Thailand.

A brief introduction to PGD

PGD is commonly known as pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. It is form of ART (assisted reproductive technologies) used to test embryos for genetic defects. In simpler terms, it is a fertility procedure used to test the embryos that is created from fertilization of eggs and sperms to eliminate the transmission of genetic disease from parents to child.

Law regarding PGD in Thailand

Gender selection is not allowed by the thai government. However, there is no specific law regarding gender selection in Thailand. So it means, the fertility centre in Thailand is not prevent the centres to provide services.


PGD and IVF both are part of ARTs and related to each other but distinct reproductive technologies.

In IVF (In vitro fertilization), the fertilisation of an egg with sperm in a laborartory dish occurs. Through fertilisation, embryo is created, the resulting embryos are then palced into the uterus of the woman thorugh catheter. It’s a fertility technique used to treat infertile couples and provide them a healthy child.

PGD (pre-implanted genetic diagnosis), on the other hand, it is a specific process that is a part of the IVF process. PGD is used to test embryos for genetic defects before the transfer of embryos. PGD identifies the specific genetic conditions which is helpful for the parents to make informed decision before implanting the embryos. It allows parents to decide which embryo should be implanted.

Can PGD be done without IVF?

If the couple is able to conceive pregnancy without the help of IVF. but still they would like to perform PGD then the embryo of the couple should be created outside the body in the laboratory to test genetic disorders. However, this process is expensive and not affordable for most of the couples.

PGD Cost in Thailand
PGD Cost in Thailand

Cost of PGD in Thailand

The charges of PGD cost in Thailand is associated with IVF too. Thailand offers much more affordable PGD treatment as compared to other western countries. The cost of PGD in Thailand is up to 200000 thai baht or 5500 USD. this cost includes the all cost of PGD with medications and IVF. There are various factors that decides the cost of PGD in Thailand such as amount of medications and drugs used, expertise of clinic, etc. In addition, Thailand provides installments for the couples who still can’t afford the PGD treatment.  

Mentioned below is the table of PGD along with IVF.

IVF process in ThailandCost in USD
PGDUp to 5500
IVF using PGDUp to 11000
IVF using self eggUp to 7000
IVF using egg donorsUp to 9000
Frozen embryo transferUp to 8000
IVF using ICSIUp to 7000
Donor eggsUp to 2000

Process of PGD in Thailand

The steps of PGD process in Thailand is based on treatment plans of patients. So the steps may different for different patients. However, the following steps include in PGD process in Thailand.

IVF Process: First step is to collect eggs from the female partner and sperm from the male partner then combines the eggs with sperm in a laboratory for the formation of embryos. 

Cell Biopsy: Typically, around 3 to 5 days after fertilization, a single cell or a few cells are removed from each embryo.

Test of embryos: The removed cells from embryos are analyzed for  genetic conditions or chromosomal abnormalities. Genetic testing helps to identify genetic issues in the embryo. 

Selection of Embryos: This step is done based on the genetic testing results, only the healthiest embryos without the genetic disorders are selected to transfer into the woman’s uterus.

Transfer of embryo: healthy embryos are placed in the uterus of the woman to conceive pregnancy.

Success rate of PGD in Thailand

The success rate of PGD in Thailand may vary depending on different factors, including quality of embryos, woman’s age, type of method used for genetic testing, quality of genetic testing method, the expertise and experience of PGD doctors, expertise of PGD clinics, etc. Patient’s past medical history can also decides the success rate of PGD in Thailand.

Why Choose Bangkok Fertility Center for PGD?

Bangkok Fertility Center is built in Thailand. It is one of the leading fertility centre in southeast asia that offers PGD. Bangkok Fertility Center’s dedicated staff committed to help thousands of couples who are trying achieve their dreams of parenthood. Bangkok Fertility Center  provides personalised and high quality fertility care to their patients. The fertility centre is equipped with highly educated and experienced fertility specialist committed to provide compassionate care to their patients. With the use of modern technology equipment, the fertility centre offers high success rate. PGD, semen collection, IVF, IUI, ICSI, embryoscope, egg retrieval, TESA, PESA, MESA, etc treatments are performed Bangkok Fertility Center.


In conclusion, the cost of PGD in Thailand varies and is influenced by various factors such as the fertility clinic, specific medical requirements, and the overall in vitro fertilization (IVF) process. Patients should carefully research clinics, consider overall expenses, and look into packages to get a clearer insight of the total cost involved. Moreover, engage in a fertility centre that offers financial assistance. It would be beneficial in managing all the expenses associated with PGD in Thailand.

FAQs About PGD Cost in Thailand

What is the cost of PGD associated with IVF in Thailand?

PGD cost associated with IVF ranges from 8000 to 11000 USD in

Are there financial assistance options available for PGD in Thailand?

Yes, generally most of the fertility clinics in thailand offers financial assistance options to their patients for PGD.

How does the expertise of the medical team affect the cost?

The fertility clinics that are equiped with highly experienced doctors may charge more, but at the same time, they offer high success rate as they are highly qualified professionals who work with the goal of providing successful treatment.

Where to have affordable PGD in Thailand?

At, Bangkok Fertility Center, you can experience the affordable PGD along with premium facilities.

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