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IVF Cost in Bangkok

Are you facing an infertility problem? If yes, choosing the best IVF treatment is a must. You have many fertility centre’s option to choose from in bangkok. However, before choosing centres and engaging in IVF treatment you need to know the cost of IVF in bangkok. IVF is the most commonly used process from many assisted reproductive techniques. IVF helped many couples to conceive the child. The cost of IVF in many countries can be expensive, which makes it difficult for many couples to afford but the IVF Cost in Bangkok is affordable. In this article, we’ll tell you the cost of IVF in Bangkok, the success rate and the other important factors.     

The success rate of IVF in Bangkok

The success rate of IVF in bangkok depends on the quality of IVF treatment, ages, doctors experience, fertility centre’s experience, quality of eggs and sperms. The success rate of IVF treatment in Bangkok ranges from 50 to 98%. Mentioned below is the table of IVF success rate:

IVF treatmentsSuccess rate
IVF with egg donors98%
IVF with ICSI90%
IVF with PGD85%
Self IVF program 75%
Laser assisted hatching program82%
Simple IUI70%
IUI with medical conditions50%

IVF Cost in Bangkok

The cost of IVF in Bangkok ranges from 4000 to 6000 USD. the cost depen ds on various factors such as clinic, type of ivf treatment, etc. moreover, the total cost of IVF in Bangkok is also depends on age, type of  medication and fertility problem. it is advised to IVF treatment seekers to contact specific fertility centre in Bangkok for actual and accurate pricing information  based on your specific needs. Mentioned below is the table of cost of IVf in Bangkok.

IVF treatment Cost in USD
IVF using self egg and spermUp to 4000 USD
IVF with PGD( no gender selectio n)Up to 8500 USD
IVF with PGD (gender selection)Up to 15000 USD
IVF with ICSIUp to 6000 USD
IVF wih egg donorsUp to 5000 USD
IUIUp to 1000 USD
IVF with TESA/PESAUp to 5000 USD

Are there any tips to reduce the cost of IVF treatment in Bangkok?

IVF treatment in Bangkok is affordable but still who can’t afford there are  some tips for them. Mentinoned below is the some tips to minimizes the cost of IVF treatment in bangkok. Every couple wants to bargain and save some money and it’s fine as its a natural thing.

before engaging in IVF fertility treatment collect the knowledge and information from fertility experts. Some of the fertility Centre’s in Bangkok offers free consultation.

  • Be a smart patient in Bangkok.
  • Be cautious from hidden charges in Bangkok.
  • Use online Bangkok pharmacies website.
  • In Bangkok, thoroughly investigate and research insurance coverage to get little bit relief from cost of IVF.    

The process of IVF treatment in Bangkok

The procedure of IVF treatment in Bangkok usually takes 15 to 25 days to complete and involves several steps:

Stimulation of ovaries: medication and drugs are provided to the woman for the hormonal treatments to stimulate the ovaries to develop multiple mature eggs.

Retrieval of eggs: Once the eggs are mature, a surgical procedure is conducted using a catheter to retrieve the eggs from the ovaries. A catheter is a tool used to retrieve the eggs.

Collection of sperm: sperm sa mple is collected from the male partner that is processed in the laboratory.

Fertilization of eggs: The eggs and sperm are fertilized in the laboratory. Fertilization resulting in embryos that are monitored for development.

Transfer of embryos: after the fertilization, One or more healthy embryos are selected and implanted into the uterus of the woman. This process is also done by using a catheter.

Pregnancy Test: To determine the success of IVF cycle, the blood test is performed. After the confirmation of pregnancy, a healthy diet is provide to the surrogate mother so the baby will be born healthy.  

Throughout this process, anesthesia is provided to the female for pain-free process and patients are closely monitored.

What are the factors that affect the cost of IVF in Bangkok?

There are several factors that can influence the cost of IVF in Bangkok:

Centre reputation and success Rates: the fertility clinics that are well recognised and trusted with higher success rate may charge higher for the fertility services as compared to other clinics. 

Complexity of treatment: The complexity of the fertility problems and the specific treatment plan prescribed by the doctor can affect the cost of IVF in Bangkok.

Medical care: During the IVF process, there are various medications, Additional tests, and hormonal shots are needed. All these medical care can add up to the cost of IVF.

Number of Treatment Cycles: To achieve a successful pregnancy, sometimes multiple IVF cycles required by some couples. Each IVF cycle can contribute to the overall cost of the IVF.   

Donor Egg or Sperm: If the couples avail donor eggs or sperms, it can increase the cost of the IVF treatment.

Additional fertility Services: Some great fertility centre in Bangkok may offer additional services, like genetic testing or embryo freezing, that can contribute to the overall IVF Cost in Bangkok.

Why you should consider your IVF treatment in Bangkok

Bangkok is the best destination to avail IVF treatment. It is ideal for woman over age 40. The women who are struggling with these type of circumstances should consider the Bangkok for their IVF treatments:

  • Woman struggling with blocked or damage fallopian tube.
  • If the women has infrequent or absent ovulation as the less eggs are available for the fertilization.
  • Woman with the issue of uterine fibroids. This issue is most likely to see in the woman ages from 30 to 40 years. Moreover, this problem can create problem with implantation of the embryos.
  • Woman with unexplained infertility, there is no cause of infertility.

Why choose Bangkok Fertility Center?

Bangkok Fertility Center is one of the special fertility centre where doctors and medical specialist help couples to conceive babies but are finding it a challenging task. The doctors at Bangkok Fertility Center use modern technology and special treatments to help make babies happen. Bangkok Fertility Center has a big team of medical experts, such as fertility specialist for making babies.

Now, we’ll tell you why it’s a great decision to pick Bangkok Fertility Center. First of all, this fertility center is equipped with the best equipment and tools to treat the patients. The doctors are highly qualified from reputed and famous universities to help moms and dads by fulfilling their dreams of parenthood. They have super-advanced machines and medicines. The doctors at Bangkok Fertility Center helps the couples by their every efforts and best tricks of treatment. We have great team of medical specialist and everyone put their best efforts in assigned duties such as Some specialist are like detectives, and builders, finding out what’s going on inside our bodies, creating a safe place for the baby to grow.

At Bangkok Fertility Center, they don’t just focus on the medical care and medications. They also provide emotional and psychological support to the patients. Our doctors are polite and friendly. In terms of affordability, the Bagkok Fertility Center is also affordable. For those who still can’t afford, we have plans regarding the financial problems. People leaves positive reviews and say good things about Bangkok Fertility Center. These positive reviews give hope to other couples who want to become parents.

At last. choosing the Bangkok Fertility Center is like choosing the best fertility treatment for fertility mission to complete your family. The doctors use their skills and kindness to turn the dreams of parenthood into reality. Bangkok Fertility Center is a place filled with hope, happiness, and the promise of providing your own prince or princess.


In conclusion, this guide will provide you the IVF Cost in Bangkok. The IVF cost in Bangkok can vary depending on a variety of factors. On an average, the cost of IVF in Bangkok ranges from 4000 to 6000 USD. but  this is  just a general estimate and the accurate and correct cost can based on variety of factors. Popularity and success rate of fertility center, additional services, medications, donor eggs, etc rae some factors that decides the cost IVF in Bangkok. Moreover, It’s important to consult with a fertility specialist in Bangkok who can provide you the personalised guidance and information based on your specific and unique fertility condition.

FAQs About IVF Cost in Bangkok

Why IVF treatment in Bangkok?

IVF Treatment in Bangkok is the most common and chosed by many couples as it provides the biological child. In addition, it provides you the successful result.

How many days it took to complete the IVF treatment in Bangkok?

Generally, it requires 2 to 3 weeks complete the IVF process in Bangkok.

Where to have affordable IVF treatment in Bangkok?

Bangkok Fertility Center is the best place to have the IVF treatment at affordable and fair prices.

What is the basic cost of IVF treatment in Bangkok?

The basic cost of IVF treatment in bangkok is up to 3500 USD.

Is IVF pregnancy safe in Bangkok?

Yes, the IVF pregnancy is totally considered safe in Bangkok. But before engaging in fertility treatment in bangkok, you should consult with the fertility specialist of bangkok. However, like like other medical treatment, it contains some risks.

Are there any hidden costs associated with IVF treatment in Bangkok?

The hidden costs totally depends on the fertility centre. Some fertility centres demand hidden cost or some not. But It’s important to ask your fertility Centre about any hidden cost associated with IVF treatments in Bangkok.

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