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Are you considering about IVF in Bangkok? But unsure about the fertility centre in Bangkok. We know searching for the best IVF centre in Bangkok is a challenging task as there are numerous fertility centre that can fudge you without providing top notch quality fertility treatment. So to solve this problem, we’ve a fruitful solution. In this guide, you’ll see a best IVF centre in Bangkok that provides the high quality IVF treatment in affordable rates. We’re here with a best IVF centers in Bangkok. So let’s start this article without any further delay.

Brief introduction to IVF

IVF stands for in vitro fertilization. IVF is one of the most common treatment of ART(assisted reproductive technology). IVF is treatment used to treat the infertile couple. In many western countries, the cost of IVF is incredibly high but cost of IVF in Thailand is lower as compared to those foreigner countries. It can be a great opportunity for those western countries individuals where the cost of IVF is expensive.

Why IVF is recommended?

IVF is recommended to those patients who are struggling from infertile issue. IVF is advised by doctors to those individuals with unexplained infertility , damage or blocked fallopian tube, ovulation disorder, uterine fibroids, endometriosis, etc. Moreover, it is advised when the male has low sperm count.

What is the success rate of IVF in Bangkok?

The success rate of IVF in Bangkok depends on various factors such as age, lifestyle, infertility cause, quality of IVF treatment and popularity of IVF Centre. The success rate of IVF ranges from 50 to 99%. The success rate of IVf with egg donors is 98%, IVF with ICSI is 90%, IVF with PGD is 85%, IVF with TESA is 80% and the IVF with IUI is 70%.   

How long is the Process of IVF in Bangkok?

Approx. 15 to 25 days are required for the process of IVF in Bangkok. The steps of IVF process:

Egg production: the process starts from stimulating the ovaries. Medication provides to the female for the stimulation of ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

Retrieval of eggs: Once the eggs are mature, a minor surgical procedure is performed using a hollow needle to retrieve the eggs from the ovaries. 

Collection of sperm: sperm sample is collected from the male partner for the fertilization of eggs.

Fertilization: eggs and sperms are fertilised in the laboratory to create embryo.

Transfer of embryo: after 3 or 5 days of fertilization. Good looking embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman.

List of Best IVF centre in Bangkok:

  • Bangkok Fertility Center
  • First Fertility PGS Center
  • Takara IVF Bangkok
  • Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok thailand 
  • Safe Fertility Center  
  • Bangkok IVF Center
  • Inspire IVF
  • Beyond IVF
  • iBaby Fertility and Genetic Center
  • Life by Dr. Pat

1. Bangkok Fertility Center (Best IVF Centre in Bangkok)

Bangkok Fertility Center is one of the best fertility centre in Bangkok. The doctors and medical specialists help couples to become parents.  Bangkok Fertility Center is equipped with modern technology and special treatments to help conceive babies. Bangkok Fertility Center has a great team of medical experts, such as fertility specialists, IVF specialist, surrogacy specialist  for making babies. They treat patients with their best efforts. With the help of skills and knowledge, they guarantee to give you a child. The provide various fertility services such as IVF, ICSI, PGD, surrogacy, PESA, TESA and many more.  

Address: N/A

Phone/Whatsapp: N/A  

2. First Fertility PGS Center

Achieve your dream of parenthood with First Fertility PGS Center. At First Fertility PGS Center, you can avail various fertility services such as IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, TESA, PESA and many more. Moreover, they also offer IVF packages like stem cell treatment for ovarian rejuvenation package and IVF with gender selection package. The IVF treatment in  this centre starts from 5000 USD.

Address: unit 36/39-36/40 13th Floor, PS Tower Khong Khlong Toei Nuea, watthana Bangkok 10110, Thailand.

Phone/Whatsapp: +66932362650

3. Takara IVF Bangkok

Takara IVF Bangkok offers you the best assisted reproductive technology. This fertility centre’s doctors and medical staff are trained in one of the best leading fertility clinic in japan. This fertility centre comes with advanced technology equipment for the treatment of the patients. This fertility centre is specializes in various fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, ICSI and many more. Takara IVF bangkok comes with IVF packages such as IVF with gender selection packages, IVF treatment package, best I VF with PGS. In this fertility centre the cost of IVF starts from 6000 USD.

Address: 3803 soi Rubia, Phra Khanong, Khlong toei, Bangkok 10110 Thailand.

Phone/Whatsapp: +6623393878 

4. Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok thailand

Bumrungrad Hospital is also one of the best fertility hospital in Bangkok. This hospital has many years of experience in providing IVF services to the individuals. The success rate of this hospital ranges from 80 to 90%. IVF, ICSI, IUI, IMSI, TESA, PESA, etc. are provided by this fertility hospital.

Address: 33 soi sukhumvit 3, khlong Toei Nuea, watthana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. 

Phone/Whatsapp: +6620668888

5. Safe Fertility Center

Fulfill your dream of parenthood with the Safe Fertility Center. This fertility centre provides the top-notch quality treatments. The doctors of this fertility centre are educated from the best universities. They are specialised in various fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IUI, embryo tansfer, egg freezing, TESA, PESA, IMSI, sperm freezing, etc. this fertility centre provides their fertility services from 7:30 am to 4;30pm.

Address: Amarin Plaza, 17th Floor 496-502 Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, pathumwan, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand.

Phone/whatsapp: +66811021000

6. Bangkok IVF Center

For seeking IVF treatment, Bangkok IVF Centre is the best fertility clinic in Bangkok to select as you can experience the high quality IVF service with modern technology and experienced doctors who are highly qualified from the popular universities all over the world. This Fertility centre has friendly and polite medical staff that makes the environment of this fertility Centre positive. Bangkok Fertility Centre is providing fertility services including surrogacy, IVF, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, TESA, PESA and many more from many more.

Address: 659 Pradit Manutham Rd, khwaeng saphansong, wang thonglang, Bangkok 10310 Thailand. 

Phone/whatsapp: +6629331584

7. Inspire IVF

Inspire IVF is one of the most effective, budget friendly IVF Centre in Bangkok. Inspire IVF offer all types of surrogacy treatment such as surrogacy, IUI, ICSI, IMSI, PESA, IVF and ICSI etc. Inspire IVF, makes sure all of legal aspects so that the infertile couples won’t face any complications during the adoption of the baby. The aim of the Inspire IVF is to help all the intended couples struggling with infertility problem and provide them baby through their skills and expertise in the respective field of the fertility.

Address: 5th Floor, khlong toei, 2 Ploenchit Center in Bangkok 10110 thailand.

Phone/whatsapp: +6622518666

8. Beyond IVF

This fertility centre is based in western bangkok and it is lead by Dr.phu nsak suchonwanit. Beyond IVF is a fertility centre with more than 20 years of experience. The services of this fertility centre is IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg freezing, semen analysis, antenatal care, cervical cancer screening. The prices of IVF/ICSI in this fertility centre is up to 8500 USD or 300000 baht. This fertility centre has world class facilities. They have generator that can runs for more than 12 hours in case of blackout. They use solar energy and have dust-free environment. Moreover, they are meticulous in terms of preventing contaminations and toxins that might affect the embryos. Their laboratory’s every detail is carefully considered and designed.

Address: 500 Rama2 Road, Bangmod Jomthong, Bangkok 10150 Phone/whatsapp number: +66991090022  

9. iBaby Fertility and genetic center

iBaby Fertility and genetic center is lead by Dr. Pisit tantiwattanakul. This fertility center is based in bangkok and running since 2010. People for other countries such as america, europe, India, china and asia shows their trust in this fertility center. Couples from more than 25 countries get treatment from this fertility center. IVF, ICSI, IUI, egg freezing, etc. are the treatments providede by the iBaby. Moreover, iBaby offers a high success rate with international standards.

Address: Floor 11th, 63 Anthenee Tower, witthayu Rd, Lumphini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand. 

Phone/whatsapp: +66887860434

10. Life by Dr. Pat

Life by Dr. Pat gives you experience of new standard of infertility treatment. This fertility center values your comfort and ensures to provide you the successful infertility treatment. With their PGT-A service, pregnancy is super easy and faster. Life by Dr. Pat provides you the accurate medical care in a quiet environment. IVF, IUI, PGT, Egg freezing, Embryo transfer, are the services offered by this infertility center. The cost of fertility services in this fertility center is up to 4552 or 169500 baht.

Address: Room 114/2, Ist floor, Building B, GPF witthayu towers, wireless dead, lumpini sub district, pathumwan Bangkok 10330 thailand.

Phone/whatsapp number: 0969400159     

What is the Cost of IVF in Bangkok?

The IVF Cost in Bangkok starts from 4000 to 6000 USD. This cost is decides on various factors such as popularity of the fertility clinic, success rate, type of ivf treatment, etc. Furthermore, the cost of IVF in Bangkok is also depends on age, type of  medication and fertility issue of the couples. it is recommended to IVF treatment patients to contact a IVF centre in Bangkok for up to date and accurate cost information. This information is provided based on your specific or unique condition. The table of cost of IVF in Bangkok is mentioned below:

IVF treatment Cost in USD
IVF using self egg and spermUp to 4000 USD
IVF with PGD( no gender selectio n)Up to 8500 USD
IVF with PGD (gender selection)Up to 15000 USD
IVF with ICSIUp to 6000 USD
IVF wih egg donorsUp to 5000 USD
IUIUp to 1000 USD
IVF with TESA/PESAUp to 5000 USD

Why choose Bangkok Fertility Center for your infertility treatment?

Getting infertility treatment in Best IVF centre in Bangkok, Thailand adds a unique touch in your IVF journey. This country is known for being friendly. Moreover, sometimes patient appreciate the opportunity to experience different culture while engaging in the IVF treatment.

Bangkok Fertility Center is the great choice for the infertility treatment. It’s because they have skilled medical staff who treat the patients with the help of latest technology equipment. This fertility center is always available to help  couples struggling to have a baby. The center offers top notch facilities for IVF treatment. Bangkok Fertility Center understands the toughness of dealing with this treatment so they not only offers medical care but also emotional psychological support through counselling.

For achieving successful result, success rate is essential as high success rate helps the couples become parents. This fertility center has high success rate. This success rate is maintained by offering personalizing treatments for each individual as everyone’s situation is different. This fertility center keeps transparency with the patients resulting in build trust. 

At last, if you are looking for a place that offers top-notch medical care, high success rate, affordable prices, supportive environment and personalised care and attention then Bangkok Fertility Center is a great pick.  


In conclusion, Bangkok stands out as the top-notch IVF treatment provider destination. In Bangkok, there is a rungs of facilities prioritizes medical care, patient-centric care and cutting-edge technology. These centers are characterized by the experience And skilled medical professional who provides treatments according to individuals needs. These centers have high success rate. They offer treatment at affordable prices along with advanced technology equipment. The fertility centers in Bangkok committed to offer emotional well-being, these top 10 best IVF Clinic in Bangkok gives a hope for those on the journey to parenthood. 


Name the best IVF centre in Bangkok?

Bangkok Fertility Centre is the leading fertility centre in Bangkok that offers various high-quality fertility treatments such as IVF, ICSI, IMSI, IUI, egg freezing, etc.

What is the cost of IVF treatment in Bangkok?

The cost of IVF treatment in Bangkok starts from 4000 USD. this cost is just an estimation. The cost can vary depending on different clinics, success rate, experiences of doctors, etc.

Is emotional support provided by the Fertility Centres in Bangkok?

Yes, In Bangkok e motional support is provided by fertility centres through counseling.

Name some affordable IVF Centre In Bangkok?

Mentioned below are some affordable IVF centre in Bangkok
1. Bangkok Fertility Center
2. First Fertility PGS Center
3. Takara IVF Bangkok
4. Bumrungrad Hospital Bangkok Thailand 
5. Safe Fertility Center

Are language barriers a concern for international patients?

Many top IVF centers in Bangkok cater to international patients by having multilingual staff and providing communication in various languages. This helps mitigate language barriers and ensures that patients feel comforatble and well informed.

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