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PGD cost in Bangkok

In the bustling city of Bangkok taking PGD is a great opportunity for the PGD seeker couples as it offers an affordable PGD treatment and most of the people are curious about the PGD Cost in Bangkok (preimplantation genetic disorder). So let’s dive into this guide to know the cost of PGD in Bangkok.

PGD (preimplantation genetic daignosis)

PGD is a medical procedure performed before the implantation of embryos. In this procedure, embryos screening is performed to find out the genetic abnormalities. PGD is used for the couples having genetic disease. Moreover, PGD is used for sex selection. PGD increases the chances of healthy pregnancy. 

PGD Cost in Bangkok

The cost of PGD in Bangkok is up to 3000 USD, depending on the clinic and specific fertility services included. The cost of PGD in Bangkok is significantly dependent on the type and amount of drugs used in the IVF treatment. For the most accurate estimate, it’s best to contact the fertility centre. 

Table of cost of PGD in Bangkok associated with IVF:

IVF processCost in USD
PGDUp to 4000
IVF using PGDUp to 11000
IVF using self eggUp to 7000
IVF using egg donorsUp to 9000
Frozen embryo transferUp to 8000
IVF using ICSIUp to 7000
Donor eggsUp to 2000

IVF’s basic cost in Bangkok

The IVF’s basic cost is more affordable. It depends on the city and place you choose. IVF in India is much more affordable as compared to any other developed country. India offers IVF’s basic cost is 4000 USD. However, it is for the couples with healthy eggs and healthy sperms. If your gametes have some issues then the cost will increase.

PGD cost in Bangkok
PGD cost in Bangkok

Is IVF a painful treatment?

Every medical procedure is a little painful. Well, the pain of IVF treatment depends on age and health. In IVF, the egg retrieval stage or a few other stages can cause pain. Egg retrieval is performed by inserting a catheter through vagina into the uterus of the woman and they use a thin needle to gather the eggs from follicles. After this process, there is another process that includes the same way. Embryo implantation is done by using a catheter. For more comfort and painless process, anaesthesia is provided.

What are the factors that affect the chances of success of PGD process in Bangkok?

The success of PGD can be affected by the factors such as the experience and expertise of the medical team, type of method used for genetic testing, quality of genetic testing method, health and quality of the embryos, the genetic condition, maternal age and reproductive past history can also affect the chances of success of PGD process. In addition, it’s essential to remember that the success of PGD can vary, and ethical considerations surround its use. 

What is the procedure of successful PGD?

The process of successful PGD involves the following steps:

Ovulation stimulation: some medications are prescribed by your fertility specialist for the stimulation of ovaries to produce multiple eggs.

Egg retrieval: In this step, eggs are collected from the uterus of the female by inserting a catheter through vagina.

Fertilization: After the retrieval of eggs, the eggs are fertilised with sperm in the laboratory to create embryos. 

Cell biopsy: On the 3rd or 5th day of development, one cell is removed from each embryo for genetic screening or testing.

Genetic screening: Cells are analysed for genetic disorder or chromosomal abnormalities.

Embryo selection: Good looking or without genetic disorder embryos are selected for implantation.

Embryo transfer: In this stage, healthy embryos are transferred into the uterus of the woman using a catheter. 

PGD cost in Bangkok
PGD cost in Bangkok

Why Bangkok Fertility Centre?

In Bangkok, choosing Bangkok Fertility center for your PGD or any other infertility treatment is considered a great decision. It’s because the fertility treatment provided by Bangkok Fertility Center is top-notch quality. This fertility center ensures the treatment with advanced technology equipment. Before selecting any fertility center, people see the success rate, quality of treatment, affordability, etc and all these qualities are included in this fertility center. Bangkok Fertility Center’s doctors are highly qualified and have experience of many years. They are dedicated to giving you a baby without genetic disorder. With the help of their skills and talent, they promise to expand your family. This fertility centre is continuously providing their fertility services from many years. They not only offer you medical support but also offer you emotional and psychological support. Moreover, Bangkok Fertility Center provides affordable fertility treatment.  


In conclusion, this guide is all about PGD cost in Bangkok. The cost ranges up to 3000 USD which is just an estimation. This cost can increase based on a few factors such as additional facilities or services and clinic’s specific testing. Moreover, the medication expenses, travel etc also contribute to the cost. Researching various fertility clinics and consulting with their healthcare provider can provide you with complete information and understanding of the overall cost associated with the PGD in Bangkok.   

FAQs About PGD Cost in Bangkok

What is PGD?

PGD stands for pre-implantation diagnosis that is used to screen embryos for genetic disorder before the implantation of embryos.  

Is Bangkok safe for PGD treatment?

Yes, Bangkok is completely safe for PGD treatment.

What is the cost of PGD in Bangkok?

Bangkok provides affordable PGD as compared to other countries. Here in Bangkok the cost of PGD is up to 3000 USD or 105758 baht.

Which fertility center is best for PGD treatment in Bangkok?

Bangkok Fertility Center is the best PGD provider fertility center. In this clinic, you can get high quality treatment.

Are there any extra expenses associated with PGD in Bangkok?

Yes, medication and traveling expenses, if you travel to bangkok from another country. 

Why is PGD used?

PGD used during IVF to screen embryos for genetic disorders before implantation.

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